Book Reviews June 2022

It is the middle of June and that means it is time to share June’s Book Reviews.

June Book Reviews

A list of our recent book reviews is actually overdue because we didn’t share them in May, so this is our May and June list.

Grace is done with college. That means she is back to sharing more book reviews. When we started this site Grace was reading well over one hundred books a year.

Then college took over, especially the last two years, and her reading slowed down. I know that she is happy to be back to reading now that college is over and I am happy to have her writing more reviews again.

June Book Reviews

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. A fun mystery set in England.

The Last Dance of the Debutante

The Last Dance of the Debutante. Historical fiction set in England after WWII. I loved this one.

My Southern Journey

My Southern Journey. If you love Rick Bragg’s writing or life in the south this is a delightful essay style book.

The Compton Cowboys

The Compton Cowboys. A book about modern day urban cowboys. I have mixed thoughts on this one.

Bluebird Book

Bluebird. A great historical fiction book set in Canada.

Nourished by Lia Huber book

Nourished. A food memoir, but more than a food memoir.

Carved In Stone Book

Carved In Stone. Clean historical fiction with good writing.

Home Work Book cover

Home Work. Julie Andrews shares about her life in Hollywood.

Divergent Book

Divergent. Grace read this Sci-fi book and she is sharing her thoughts.

Mother Trucker Book

Mother Trucker. I am have mixed thoughts on this one. Read my review because I am not sure I would recommend this one.

Disney's Land book

Disney’s Land. For fans of business books or those who love Disneyland.

The Happiest Man on Earth book

The Happiest Man on Earth. A great memoir from someone who lived through so much horror.

The Diamond Eye book cover

The Diamond Eye. A WWII book, but so important to understanding current events.

The Feather Thief book

The Feather Thief. Who knew that feathers could be so fascinating? If you love true crime this is a great read.

The Beauty of Dusk Book review

The Beauty of Dusk. A memoir about losing sight.

Isaac's Storm book

Isaac’s Storm. I will read just about anything Erik Larson writes and this one was just as good as the other books by him that I have read.

Empire of Pain book

The Empire of Pain. Both my husband and I loved this book. Such an important read about medicine, medical ethics, and more.

Island Queen Book

Island Queen. Historical fiction that was not quite what I expected it to be.

The Man Who Died Twice Book

The Man Who Died Twice. The second book in A Thursday Murder Club Mystery series. A fun murder mystery book and series.

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