What My Husband Is Reading aka Books For Guys Spring 2021

I started sharing What My Husband Is Reading aka Books For Guys posts back in the spring of 2019. These posts are always popular with my readers. My husband reads a wide range of books and I love to share what he is reading with you.

Books for Guys Spring 2021

The last list that I shared was twenty books my husband read in 2020. Since it is now May, I thought it was time for another book update from my husband.

These are long book reviews, but for each book, he shared a few of his thoughts.

What My Husband Read (aka Books for Guys Spring 2021)

Fall and Rise The Story of 9/11 book review

Fall and Rise: The Story of 9/11 by Mitchell Zuckoff

This excellent read is also difficult and sad. It celebrates so many stories of heroism. So often 9/11 is spoken about as an event or we speak of those who died merely as a number. Zukoff personalizes 9/11, and not just “The Fall” but also “The Rise” during and after that infamous day.

Greenlights book review

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

The audio version is amazing because Matthew McConaughey reads it, and he has a great voice. It has a lot of great gems and tips, but it had a lot of cussing and crewdness that makes it hard for me to recommend.

A Way with Words book review

A Way with Words by Daniel Darling

A convicting and thought-provoking analysis of how we communicate online.

Hell In the Heartland book review

Hell In the Heartland by Jax Miller

I am glad I read Hell in the Heartland because I live in Oklahoma and was familiar with the story. However, it was a bit wordy. I also felt like it focused too much on the author and not enough on the tragic story. It had great insights though on all the individuals involved in the case.

Sniper One book review

Sniper One by Dan Miller

A British military perspective of Iraq that is not often seen in the U.S. making this an insightful and an excellent read. It did contain a lot of language and was very graphic in parts. I would probably consider it R rated because it was unnecessarily crude in parts of it.

Gently and Lowly book review

Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortland

This book was recommended by a friend and was an exceptional read. It was an informative view on the love of Christ. Very worth meditating on.


Fire Road

Fire Road by Kim Phuc PhanThi

This is the story behind the famous picture from the Vietnam war and its after effects. It was a good book. The author showed a very honest view of what happened and how she came to forgive those who caused her harm. I enjoyed this read, but her language barrier did show in the writing.


Fighter Pilot book review

Fighter Pilot by Robin Olds

An honest and thorough view of the U.S. Air Wars in WWII and Vietnam from a fighter pilot’s point of view. It also covers Robin Olds military and family life between the two wars. I enjoyed his view of what discipline is and how the U.S. should approach military conflicts.

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List of Books For Guys Spring 2021

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  1. Thank you for sharing. My husband and I love to read. We purchase books for each other for gifts, but always love ideas. Thank you, again.


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