Books for Boys (And Adventure Loving Readers)

Books for Boys

This year is my sixteenth year of homeschooling and reading has always been a big part of that homeschooling journey. We are a family of readers.

I will admit though that finding books for my son has been a challenge. So many of the books aimed for kids and teens are more girl themed. That isn’t to say boys can’t read them, in fact I think some of them are good for boys to read, but keeping a boy’s interest in those books is often hard. Boys often want adventure, mystery, animals, and nature based stories. Those kind of books can be harder to find.

I put together today’s list of books for boys with the help of my kids. My son and daughters had fun remembering back over the books they read that are full of adventure and fun.

This book list is aimed for boys, but I will say that my girls have read many of these books as well, in fact probably most of them. This list really is a list of books that any adventurous, book loving kid, would enjoy.

Books for Boys and Adventure Loving Readers

Do you have a favorite kids book for an adventure loving reader? We would love to add more to the list. Leave a comment letting us know your favorite. 

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