What I Read In September, October, and November (Grace)

Teen Reads September, October, November

School and other things have kept me rather busy the last few months, so unfortunately these posts, about what I read, have been last on my to do list. Now that is Christmas break, I am trying to make up for that. These are the books that I have read over the last three months.

A lot of them were fun mindless books, but others were educational which is what I prefer to see on my list. November was my best month for reading which was probably because I had more spare time on my hands over Thanksgiving weekend. I hope that you find some books on my list that you want to read because I always enjoy sharing my books and helping others to find new books.



  • Duty – a story that went back and forth from World War II and modern day. It was a real informative history read.
  • Neptune’s Inferno – the history of navy and Guadalcanal. I didn’t realize how long this battle was till I read this book.
  • 101 Dalmatians – such a fun kids read especially since it was one of my favorite movies growing up.
  • Miss Kopp’s Midnight Confessions – this was a good addition to the series about Miss Kopp.


  • The Shadow of a Noose – a relaxing western that I really liked.
  • Last Stand – this is a book about the buffalo and the west. It educated me about a lot of different points.
  • Riders of Judgment – this yet another western that I found to be pretty good.
  • The Case of the Troublesome Lady – I love Hank the Cowdog and this book keeps the tradition of funny characters which I have always loved.
  • Holes – another kids book which was real good and I might be reading more by this author because I enjoyed this book so much.
  • A Texas Ranger – as of know I am interested in the Texas Ranger, so this memoir helped me understand more about them. It has also made me want to read more about the Rangers.

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