The Shadow of a Noose

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The Shadow of a Noose

Author: Ralph Compton
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Publisher Summary:

Young Jed and Tim Strange lost their father to an outlaw’s bullet, and now their mother has succumbed to a fatal illness. Unable to farm their land due to a lack of funds, the twins set out to find their sister—who left home to avenge their father’s death over a year ago.

Farm life hasn’t prepared the twins for the rough-and-tumble cow towns west of Missouri. And before they even begin their search, they’re accused of a murder they didn’t commit. Just barely escaping a posse’s rope, the twins are on the run—wounded, hounded by the law, and desperately seeking the true killers…

Grace's Review

The Shadow of a Noose

This was a good western. I felt that Compton did a good job of sticking to the same momentum of his first book, “Death Rides a Chestnut Mare.” I liked the character’s and the plot. It is a very mindless book that I found fun to read.

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