2001: a Space Odyssey

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2001: a Space Odyssey

Author: Arthur C. Clarke
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Publisher Summary:

From the savannas of Africa at the dawn of mankind to the rings of Saturn as man ventures to the outer rim of our solar system, 2001: A Space Odyssey is a journey unlike any other.

This allegory about humanity’s exploration of the universe—and the universe’s reaction to humanity—is a hallmark achievement in storytelling that follows the crew of the spacecraft Discovery as they embark on a mission to Saturn. Their vessel is controlled by HAL 9000, an artificially intelligent supercomputer capable of the highest level of cognitive functioning that rivals—and perhaps threatens—the human mind.

Grappling with space exploration, the perils of technology, and the limits of human power, 2001: A Space Odyssey continues to be an enduring classic of cinematic scope.

Grace's Review

2001: a Space Odyssey

I like science fiction and when I saw 2001: a Space Odyssey in the Amazon Books bookstore, I had to get it. I enjoyed it. I now understand the movie better after reading it too. The book has great descriptions that were fascinating to read. I think if you like sci-fi then you will enjoy this, and if you like the movie, you will probably like the book. The book is broken up, but it makes sense in the end. The plot is slightly broken up too, but my favorite part was the part with Hal and Dave. What can I say, I like the reading about when computers try to take over.

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