Christmas at Harrington's

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Christmas at Harrington’s

Author: Melody Carlson
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Publisher Summary:

Christmas is approaching, and Lena Markham finds herself penniless, friendless, and nearly hopeless. She is trying to restart her life after false accusations landed her in prison, but job opportunities are practically nonexistent. When a secondhand red coat unexpectedly lands her a job as Mrs. Santa at a department store, Lena finally thinks her luck is changing. But can she keep her past a secret?

This tender story about fresh starts will charm readers as all of Melody Carlson’s Christmas offerings do. Full of redemption and true holiday spirit, Christmas at Harrington’s will be readers’ newest Christmas tradition.

Lynn's Review

Christmas at Harrington's

Christmas at Harrington’s by Melody Carlson was a great Christmas read. I really enjoyed this one. Yes, it was a bit predictable. And yes, it read just like a Hallmark Christmas, but that is what I enjoyed about it.

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