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Author: James Veitch
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Publisher Summary:
From viral comedy sensation James Veitch (as seen on TED, Conan, and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon) comes a collection of laugh-out-loud funny exchanges with email scammers.
The Nigerian prince eager to fork over his inheritance, the family friend stranded unexpectedly in Norway, the lonely Russian beauty looking for love . . . they spam our inboxes with their hapless pleas for help, money, and your social security number. In Dot Con, Veitch finally answers the question: what would happen if you replied?
Suspicious emails pop up in our inboxes and our first instinct is to delete unopened. But what if you responded to the deposed princess begging for money in your Gmail? Veitch dives into the underbelly of our absurd email scam culture, playing the scammers at their own game, and these are the surprising, bizarre, and hilarious results.

Grace's Review

Dot.Con by James Veitch book review

Need a good laugh, pick up Dot.con by James Veitch. If you haven’t already heard of James Veitch, I suggest you Google him. His Ted Talks and Comedy sketches are hilarious.

So when my mom told me he had a book out, I had to get it.

It did not disappoint.

There were so many funny emails between scammers that kept me rolling my eyes or slapping my knee. I was so disappointed that the book was smaller. I wanted so much more.

I did make sure to read it slow. Just a few chapters at a time.

Some of the chapters are on scammers that Veitch did online already. Many of them have extra emails back and forth or lines he left out. Others are original and worth getting the book.

Warning, there is some more adult content and jokes within, but you may already know that if you’ve seen stuff from James Veitch on YouTube.

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