Gunman's Reckoning

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Gunman’s Reckoning

Author: Max Brand
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Publisher Summary:

‘Gunman’s Reckoning’ written by Max Brand. A typical early 20th century western. It’s a tale of a tough guy who gets involved with an evil man with an angel daughter for whom the tough guy falls. His efforts to recover hers and her father’s gold mine claims is the story. Not a lot of shoot them up but enough story to make one want to finish the book to see how things work out.

Grace's Review

Gunman's Reckoning

I had never read a Max Brand book until I read Gunman’s Reckoning by Max Brand . I thought was good with many twists and turns, but it was a bit unrealistic compared to other westerns that I have read recently. I think that there was a sweet love story in it and a good plot that kept me wondering about the ending. I liked that the ending was a bit of surprise, and so if you love westerns, you’ll love this one.

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