Healing Hearts

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Healing Hearts

Author: Sarah M. Eden
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Publisher Summary:

Wyoming Territory, 1876

As the only doctor in the frontier town of Savage Wells, Gideon MacNamara knows his prospects for a bride are limited. The womenfolk in town are either too young, too old, or already spoken for. So, being a practical man, he decides to take advantage of the matchmaking service of the day—mail-order brides—and sends away for a woman with nursing experience.

When Miriam steps off the stagecoach in Savage Wells, she sees a bright future in front of her. But when the town—and Gideon—meets her, ready for a wedding, her excitement quickly turns to horror. Somehow Dr. MacNamara’s message had gotten turned around. He didn’t want a nurse, he wanted a wife. When she refuses to marry him, she finds herself stranded in Savage Wells with some very unhappy townspeople.

But Gideon is not like the other men Miriam has met. Embarrassed by the misunderstanding, he offers her a job, and the two begin an awkward—and often humorous—dance of getting to know each other as they work to care for the people of their town. Romance blossoms between the two, but when a former medical associate of Miriam’s arrives in town, Gideon and the other townsfolk must rally around Miriam to protect her from a dangerous fate. Gideon and Miriam must decide if they are willing to risk their hearts for each other even as buried secrets are brought to light.

Lynn's Review

Healing Hearts

I am not sure where I first heard about Healing Hearts by Sarah M. Eden, but after reading several fiction books with way too many graphic details, this book was just what I needed. It is considered a proper romance book, which is a category of books that I didn’t even know existed until recently. Well, I knew books like this existed, I just didn’t know that the category had a name.

This book reminded me of the Jeanette Oke type books that were popular when I was a teenager. It is a clean, somewhat cheesy, predictable, romance.

This is not the type of book I would read all the time, but it I enjoyed reading it for a mindless easy read. I think it would be a good book for a teenager that like historical fiction but is looking for something without all the graphic details.

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