Holding On To Hope

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Holding On To Hope

Author: Nancy Guthrie
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Publisher Summary:

We can never plan for the unexpected turns of this life that sometimes lead to great personal suffering. Sometimes that suffering can overshadow everything and threaten to pull us under. Nancy Guthrie knows what it is to be plunged into life’s abyss. Framing her own story of staggering loss and soaring hope with the biblical story of Job, she takes you by the hand and guides you on a pathway through pain—straight to the heart of God. Holding On to Hope offers an uplifting perspective, not only for those experiencing monumental loss, but for anyone going through difficulty and failure.

Lynn's Review

Holding On To Hope

Holding On To Hope by Nancy Guthrie was the right book at the right time for me. I finished it just before the current events happened. I really enjoyed it at the time, but now with all that we are going through in 2020, I realize how perfect the timing of reading it was.

I had never read anything by Nancy Guthrie until recently when the women’s Bible Study at our church went through one of her video series. I enjoyed it and knew that I wanted to read more by her. I bought a couple of her books and started by reading Holding On To Hope.

In Holding On To Hope Nancy shares her story of loss and struggles. She understands what it is like and she points you to the only one that can truly comfort you. She shares her story while reminding us that all things are in God’s time. We may not understand why things happen, but can we be assured that God knows why.

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