Miss Buncle's Book review

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Miss Buncle’s Book

Author: D.E. Stevenson
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Publisher Summary:

Barbara Buncle is in a bind. Times are harsh, and Barbara’s bank account has seen better days. Maybe she could sell a novel … if she knew any stories. Stumped for ideas, Barbara draws inspiration from her fellow residents of Silverstream, the little English village she knows inside and out.

To her surprise, the novel is a smash. It’s a good thing she wrote under a pseudonym because the folks of Silverstream are in an uproar. But what really turns Miss Buncle’s world around is this: what happens to the characters in her book starts happening to their real-life counterparts. Does life really imitate art, and can she harness that power for good?

Lynn's Review

Miss Buncle's Book review

I can’t remember where I first heard about Miss Buncle’s Book but it was a charming delightful read. It was published in 1936 and it has an old fashioned English village feel.

It took me about fifty pages to get into this book, but once I did it was a fun read about village life. I can totally see myself rereading this one in ten years. I already ordered the next two books in the series. If

If you love books about books, this is one that is a little different, but definitely about books. If you loved the Mitford series books I think you will enjoy this one.

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