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None Braver

Author: Michael Hirsh
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Publisher Summary:

The first journalist to be embedded with an Air Force combat unit in the War on Terrorism, Hirsh flew from Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, with the 71st Rescue Squadron to their expeditionary headquarters at a secret location in Central Asia. Unparalleled access to the PJs, as well as to the courageous men and women who fly them where they have to go, often under enemy fire, allowed Hirsh to uncover incredible stories of courage.

Lynn's Review

None Braver book book cover

None Braver by Michael Hirsh is a modern-day military book about the War on Terrorism. Pararescuemen (PJs) have such an important job in the military. Hirsch writes about a variety of courageous PJs. It was one of my reads in 2020. ~B

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