Peace with God

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Peace with God

Author: Billy Graham
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Publisher Summary:

In Peace with God Billy Graham asks God to help this book “find its way into the hands and hearts of a lost, confused, and searching world . . . men, women, and young people everywhere [who] thirst for peace with God.”

In spite of a life drenched with responsibilities and rewards, are you thirsting? Searching for some nameless thing that is more important than anything in life? You are not alone. All mankind is seeking the answer to the confusion, the moral sickness, the spiritual emptiness that oppresses the world. All humanity is crying out for guidance, for comfort . . .for peace.

Reverend Graham shares God’s gentle, reassuring promise of spiritual calm—of authentic personal peace—amidst a personal life wracked with too much stress, too many burdens, too great a heartache.

“I know men who would write a check for a million dollars if they could find peace,” writes Reverend Graham. “Millions are searching for it. But we Christians have found it! It is ours now and forever. We have found the secret of life! . . .When your spouse dies or your children get sick or you lose your job, you can have a peace that you don’t understand. You may have tears at a graveside, but you can have an abiding peace, a quietness.

“God’s peace can be in your heart—right now . . .Whatever the circumstances, whatever the call, whatever the duty, whatever the price, whatever the sacrifice—His strength will be your strength in your hour of need. “It’s all yours, and it’s free. You don’t have to work for it . . . . Do not put it off.”

Lynn's Review

Peace with God

Billy Graham authored many books over the course of his ministry. Peace with God is a book he wrote in his early years. I have read many Christian books over the years, but this is the first book by Billy Graham that I have read. Last year, I had someone tell me that if I was going to read a book by Billy Graham this was the one to read. I really enjoyed it and thought that overall it was a good book. You might not agree with everything in this book, but it was good and worth reading. Since this was a book first written during his early years of ministry, I found it very interesting to see how much he changed over the years, but at the same time how little he changed in his core message. If you have never read a book by Billy Graham, this is a good place to start.

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