Rotten To the Core book review

Book Review of
Rotten To the Core

Author: T E Kinsley
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Lynn's Review

Rotten To the Core book review

Rotten To The Core by T E Kinsey was published in 2022. It is a mystery book set in England. 

This is the eighth book in the Lady Hardcastle mystery series. I love this series. I started reading them years ago and I love to read them when I need an easy fun read. 

Lady Hardcastle and her maid Florence retired to the English countryside for a quiet life. But life has been far from quiet. Lady Hardcastle and Florence become amateur detectives and life is never the same. 

In Rotten To the Core Lady Hardcastle and Florence solve not only a recent mystery but one that happened years ago. 

This wasn’t my favorite book in the series, but I still really enjoyed it. 

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