The Brenner Assignment

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The Brenner Assignment

Author: Patrick O'Donnell
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Publisher Summary:

Like a scene from Where Eagles Dare, a small team of American spies parachutes into Italy behind enemy lines. Their orders: link up with local partisans and sabotage the well-guarded Brenner Pass—the Nazis’ crucial supply route through the Alps—thereby bringing the German war effort in Italy to a grinding halt.

Grace's Review

The Brenner Assignment

When I bought this book, it was the description that sold me “like a scene from Where Eagles Dare.” I enjoyed watching this Clint Eastwood movie, so I thought, why not read a true story that was similar. Well, let me tell you, it was worth picking up.

It was a great story. It was writing a little bit like a history textbook, which caused for a slower start, but then it was hard to put down the farther I got into it. I love spy stories, and this was a great. I had read a little bit about this mission, but it was great to spend pages learning just about men who were dropped behind enemy lines to sabotage the Germans.

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