The Conspiring Woman

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The Conspiring Woman

Author: Kate Parker
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Publisher Summary:

The fourth in the Victorian Bookshop Mystery series. Georgia Fenchurch must find a missing boy and his mother. When the mother is found dead, the race is on to find the child. Georgia searches to learn who was behind the mother’s murder and the disappearance of not only this woman, but several more well-to-do women in late Victorian London. Meanwhile, Georgia is counting the days until the Duke of Blackford returns from his business trip to America. As much as she wants to see him, she fears he will return with a rich American bride like so many other British aristocrats. Can she rescue the young boy and win the duke?

Lynn's Review

The Conspiring Woman

The Conspiring Woman is the fourth book in the Victorian Bookshop Mystery Series, which is one of my favorite cozy mystery series.

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