We'll Always Have Casablanca

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We’ll Always Have Casablanca

Author: Noah Isenberg
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Publisher Summary:

Casablanca was first released in 1942, just two weeks after the city of Casablanca itself surrendered to American troops led by General Patton. Featuring a pitch-perfect screenplay, a classic soundtrack, and unforgettable performances by Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and a deep supporting cast, Casablanca was hailed in the New York Times as “a picture that makes the spine tingle and the heart take a leap.” The film won Oscars for best picture, best director, and best screenplay, and would go on to enjoy more revival screenings than any other movie in history. It became so firmly ensconced in the cultural imagination that, as Umberto Eco once said, Casablanca is “not one movie; it is ‘movies.’ ”

We’ll Always Have Casablanca is celebrated film historian Noah Isenberg’s rich account of this most beloved movie’s origins. Through extensive research and interviews with filmmakers, film critics, family members of the cast and crew, and diehard fans, Isenberg reveals the myths and realities behind Casablanca’s production, exploring the transformation of the unproduced stage play into the classic screenplay, the controversial casting decisions, the battles with Production Code censors, and the effect of the war’s progress on the movie’s reception. Isenberg particularly focuses on the central role refugees from Hitler’s Europe played in the production (nearly all of the actors and actresses cast in Casablanca were immigrants).

Finally, Isenberg turns to Casablanca’s long afterlife and the reasons it remains so revered. From the Marx Brothers’ 1946 spoof hit, A Night in Casablanca, to loving parodies in New Yorker cartoons, Saturday Night Live skits, and Simpsons episodes, Isenberg delves into the ways the movie has lodged itself in the American psyche.

Filled with fresh insights into Casablanca’s creation, production, and legacy, We’ll Always Have Casablanca is a magnificent account of what made the movie so popular and why it continues to dazzle audiences seventy-five years after its release.

Grace's Review

We'll Always Have Casablanca

I love the movie Casablanca. I first watched as kid growing up with my family and still enjoy watching it. There are so many good things about the movie, and so for my birthday my mom bought me the book about Casablanca.

I really enjoyed reading We’ll Always Have Casablanca because there was so much history of Hollywood, the mood before and during World War II, and everyone’s interest in Casablanca. It was very well written and brought out a lot of facts. I enjoyed how this book brought up about it talking about culture of Hollywood and how there were tons of immigrants making it easier for Casablanca to be made. It added to authenticity as many of the actors were playing rolls for cultures they were actually from.

If you like the movie Casablanca or Hollywood, you will want to check this out.

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