Wild Ride

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Wild Ride

Author: Ann Hagedorn Auerbach
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Publisher Summary:

Founded in 1924 by Chicago mogul William Monroe Wright, Calumet Farm was to the world of thoroughbred racing what the New York Yankees are to baseball — a sports dynasty. The stable bred so many superstars that it became the standard by which all achievements were measured in the horse racing industry. But during the 1980s, a web of financial schemes left Calumet destitute.

Wild Ride is Ann Hagedorn Auerbach’s investigation of the fast-track, multibillion-dollar thoroughbred industry and the fall of Calumet — the inside story of a debacle that extended further than anyone could have imagined. Spanning four generations, this fast-paced saga brings to life a gallery of colorful characters from Calumet’s glittery past. Wild Ride shows the industry’s transformation from a clubby blue-blood society where a handshake closed a deal to a high-stakes business bulging with bankers and scandalous deal making. When the Bluegrass Bubble exploded, one of America’s largest family fortunes lay in ruins.

Lynn's Review

Wild Ride

When you think of horse racing you almost always think of Kentucky, which is why I decided to read Wild Ride for my nonfiction books for every state challenge. I am sure there are other great books about Kentucky, but I am not a horse person and I knew very little about horse racing in Kentucky.

This book was not a riveting, can’t put it down, read,  but I really enjoyed it because I learned a lot. If you are from Kentucky you might know all about this family and it’s history with horse racing. For me it was something I knew nothing about and I am glad I read it.

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