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Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Author: Sean Dietrich
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Publisher Summary:

From celebrated storyteller “Sean of the South” comes an unforgettable memoir of love, loss, the friction of family memories, and the unlikely hope that you’re gonna be alright.

Sean Dietrich was twelve years old when he scattered his father’s ashes from the mountain range. His father was a man who lived for baseball, a steel worker with a ready wink, who once scaled a fifty-foot tree just to hang a tire swing for his son. He was also the stranger who tried to kidnap and kill Sean’s mother before pulling the trigger on himself. He was a childhood hero, now reduced to a man in a box.

Will the Circle Be Unbroken? is the story of what happens after the unthinkable, and the journey we all must make in finding the courage to stop the cycles of the past from laying claim to our future.

Sean was a seventh-grade drop-out, a dishwasher then a construction worker to help his mother and sister scrape by, and a self-described “nobody with a sad story behind him.” Yet he cannot deny the glimmers of life’s goodness even amid its rough edges. Such goodness becomes even harder to deny when Sean meets the love of his life at a fried chicken church potluck, and harder still when his lifelong love of storytelling leads him to stages across the southeast, where he is known and loved as “Sean of the South.”

A story that will stay with you long after the final page, Will the Circle Be Unbroken? testifies to the strength that lives within us all to make our peace with the past and look to the future with renewed hope and wonder.

Lynn's Review

Will the Circle Be Unbroken book

Will the Circle Be Unbroken by Sean Dietrich contains humor, tragedy, life in the south, and so much more.

It is a story of a boy, who dropped out of school, overcame a tragic childhood, and then became a masterful storyteller. It is about loving and losing family. It is about hard work and finding love. It is about how simple acts by other people can change a life, and it is about never giving up.

If you love memoirs, this is a great one!

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