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Grace and I love book shirts. I guess you can say that we kind of collect them.

What exactly are book shirts? They are t-shirts that have fun bookish sayings on them.

best bookish t shirts

We love to give and receive book t-shirts and bookish items for gifts. Everyone knows that Grace loves shirts with fun sayings on them, so she receives them all the time for birthday and Christmas gifts.

We have found fun book shirts at bookstores, online stores, and on Etsy. We know we are not the only ones that love shirts with bookish sayings on them, so we put together a list of some of our favorites places to get book shirts and other bookish items.

We hope you find something new to add to your collection of bookish items!

One More Chapter T-shirt

One More Chapter T-Shirt

The One More Chapter t-shirt is perfect for any book lover. How many times have we all said just one more chapter?

One More Chapter Sweatshirt

One More Chapter Sweatshirt

I bought both the One More Chapter t-shirt and the sweatshirt a couple of months ago and love them both. The sweatshirt was perfect for winter.

Pemberley Shirt

Pemberley T-Shirt

The Pemberley t-shirt is perfect for the Jane Austen fan. I wear mine all the time.

Piper and Ivy Bookish T-Shirts

Piper and Ivy Bookish T-Shirts

I love my Piper and Ivy shirts and sweatshirts. I have the Read Read Read in both a t-shirt and sweatshirt and a One More Chapter t-shirt. Several more of their shirts are on my wishlist to buy.

Six Bookshelf Tees tshirts

Bookshelf Tees 

Bookshelf Tees are probably my favorite bookish tees. I love them! I think I own seven of them and my daughter owns a couple as well.

Bookshelf Tees is always coming up with new designs and I am constantly adding new shirts to my wish list. They sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, bookmarks, and a few other things. Their items come in and out of stock often, so if an item you want is out of stock, it will probably come back in stock soon.

Two Out of Print Shirts

Out of Print

Out of Print also has some great book and movie shirts and items. I got my daughter two of their Star Wars-themed reading shirts for Christmas. They are a fun gift to give someone that loves both movies and books.

Do you have a book shirt that you love?

And none of these companies sponsored this post. They have no clue who I am. We just love bookish shirts and items and enjoy sharing them with you. 

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