BookPeople Bookstore Austin, Texas

The BookPeople bookstore in Austin, Texas, is a must-visit for book lovers!

It is no secret that we love to support independent bookstores. We have a whole section of our website devoted to our love of bookstores.

When my daughter and I recently visited Texas, we knew that we wanted to visit a couple of bookstores that we had never been to before. Since we were staying in Austin, BookPeople was on the list.

BookPeople Bookstore Building

We were staying at a hotel in downtown Austin because my husband had a work conference there.

My daughter searched where the bookstore was located at and realized it was about a mile from where we were staying. She decided that since driving and parking in downtown Austin is a bit of a pain we should walk it. Plus, walking it was a great way to get some exercise in.

Walking it turned out to be a little bit of an adventure. It also limited the number of books that we bought because whatever we bought we had to carry back to the hotel. Although we still managed to buy quite a few books…

BookPeople Books

BookPeople Bookstore

I had heard great things about BookPeople, but I had no idea how big it was going to be. It is huge. At least compared to the other independent bookstores that we have been to.

The building is two stories packed full of books!

BookPeople Texas Books

Texas Books

The bookstore is located in Texas, so of course they had a huge section of books about Texas and books set in Texas. If you need a book about Texas, BookPeople is the place to visit.

BookPeople Texas Staff Picks

Staff Picks

The staff picks section was huge. It is probably the biggest selection of staff picks that I have seen.

It was also a wide range of books that included both new releases and backlist books.

BookPeople Bookstore TX

Fiction Books

The fiction section was probably the largest section in the store. I spent a huge amount of time browsing the fiction and historical fiction area.

I think it had the best fiction selection of any bookstore besides Powell’s that I have been to.

I finally had to just leave the fiction books and move on to other areas of the store because I kept finding so many books that I wanted.

Bookpeople Memoir Books

Memoirs, Biographies, and Autobiographies

I love memoirs and biographies, so I loved all the books that BookPeople had in this section. Often times bookstores carry mainly new releases, but I found quite a few older books in the memoir section that I had never heard of.

Nature and Farming Books

Nature, Farming, and Homesteading

Although I didn’t buy any books from the animal and farming section, I was again surprised at how many books they had.

BookPeople Books

They even had a whole section of books specifically on homesteading.

Teen Books

Teen Books

I didn’t spend a lot of time in the teen and kids section, but it also looked great. They had a good selection, and it was well set up with lots of cute things.

BookPeople Christian Books

Christian Books

Most bookstores have a very small section of Christian books. And instead of a whole section of Christian books, they usually have just a religion section.

I am guessing that because BookPeople is located in Texas, they have a larger than average amount of people looking for Christian books.

They had a section just for Christian books and church history. I bought one book from the Christian section that was a memoir and added a couple of other ones to my TBR list to read later on.

Bargain Books

Baragin Books

I think my daughter’s favorite section was the bargain book section. Oftentimes bargain books are a bunch of odds and ends, but the bargain section at BookPeople was full of good books.

Bookpeople book purchases

What I Bought

These are the five books I ended up buying. If we had driven instead of walked, I probably would have bought several more.

I got four nonfiction books and a fiction book that I have wanted to read since I read the author’s other book, Deep River.

My daughter bought several books as well that she can’t wait to read.

BookPeople Bookstore Austin, Texas

If you visit Austin or somewhere near there, I highly recommend a trip to BookPeople. We will definitely visit it next time we are in the Austin area.

Have you been to BookPeople?

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