An Audio Book I Recently Loved

Capital Gaines

My love of audiobooks goes in spurts. Sometimes I listen to a lot of them and other times I prefer podcasts. Lately I have been doing a lot of both. When I am in the mood for something shorter on a specific subject I usually choose a podcast, but when I am exercising or riding in the car for a long distance I will choose an audiobook.

Audiobooks are a great way to fill the time when you are driving, cleaning house, working outside, or exercising. My kids and I have listened to them for years in the car. My kids can still remember many of the audio books we listened to over the years.

When my kids were little we listened to books like Little House on the Prairie and other classics on audio. Now though I prefer nonfiction for audiobooks. I prefer reading nonfiction, so that is not a huge surprise. But the main reason I like nonfiction on audio is that I find I have a hard time following along with fiction on audio. My mind tends to wander more with fiction, but that is probably just a personal thing.

The thing about audio books is that it has to have good narration. I always try to listen to a sample of the audiobook before I decide if I will listen to it our not. No one wants to listen to ten hours of a voice that puts you to sleep. And although most audio books are well done and have great narration, there are some that are very challenging to listen to.

I have discovered that I love listening to audiobooks narrated by the author especially if the author has a great voice and out going personality. I find that it gives the book a more personal touch.

My daughters and I all loved The Magnolia Story book. We actually are not huge Fixer Upper fans. We like it, but it has never been a must watch at our house. However, we find Chip and Joanna’s story fascinating. It is a pretty amazing story how they built their business and brand. Because we loved that books so much I knew I wanted to read the book Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines. 

When I saw that the audiobook was read by Chip Gaines I knew I had to listen to it on audio instead of reading it. It was a great decision. The audiobook was great. Because Chip read it, it made it personal. It added excitement to it to hear his voice telling the story and for his excitement to change as good and bad things happened.

I loved when Chip was talking about being different from other kids when he was growing up. It is okay to be different and I love his attitude and thoughts on it. I also love how he talks about failure as good. Failures are good because we learn from them. It is good to try new things. Some will work and some won’t but we will always learn from them.

There are many ways to listen to audio books, but my favorite is Audible. I love that I can easily listen to audiobooks on my phone just by using the app. As someone who lives in the country and has spotty internet sometimes, I love that the books download, so I can listen to them at anytime.

My whole family love audio books so it is worth it for us to pay the monthly fee. We have been Audible members for several years now and have listened to some great books. One of the things we try to do is to choose books that more than one of use will listen to.

When I choose the Capital Gaines book I knew that others in my family would listen to it as well. Yes, it is another monthly subscription, but if you spend a lot of time in the care or love to listen to audio books while exercising Audible is well worth it!

If you prefer reading feel free to choose the book version. I think you will enjoy Capital Gaines either way. It is a great book, especially for those that own or are building a business. I love Chip’s honesty. He talks about successes and failures. He is willing to admit mistakes in life and business because it is by our mistakes that we learn.

Do you love audio books? What is your favorite way to listen to them?


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