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At Home in Mitford

I hope you are having a great summer! I love this time of year because I always seem to read more during the summer. Car trips, plane rides, and a little extra time for relaxing always means time for more reading.

I always have trouble narrowing down my to read list. Most of the time it is so long. Over on Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures I asked for suggestions on what I should read next. I would love to hear what you think I should read next. ~Lynn

My husband had some time off so we headed to Dallas for a long weekend away. Like always I packed too many books. I started two of them, read one on my Kindle, and the other two are still in my to read pile. ~Lynn

Once Upon A Town Book

I read this book for my new challenge of reading a book about every state. This one sounded neat because it had do with WWII, but it’s not about the war. It is about a town in the USA and the people who helped in the war effort. ~ Lynn

Dodge City, a book which I have read and enjoyed, is another one of the books on my mom’s to read list for her challenge to read a book about every state. If you haven’t check out the post about her goal for the next few years you should. It includes some great books. ~Grace

Favorite Things

I love to read real life stories about animals. I have enjoyed reading many of the ones that I own, but I was wondering if anyone has some recommendations of nonfiction animal books for me to read? Please leave a comment sharing your favorite! ~Grace

Happy Reading!

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