Magic City Books Tulsa, Oklahoma

We are continuing our tour of independent bookstores with Magic City Books in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Magic City Books

The Magic City

Did you know that Tulsa, Oklahoma was known as the Magic City? The name Magic City came from the oil strikes and booms that caused Tulsa to have a population boom in the early 1900s.

Tulsa was not only called the Magic City, but it became known as the oil capital of the world.

The name Magic City for Magic City Books comes from Tulsa’s history of being the oil capital of the world and the magic city during the 1920s.

So the name Magic City for a bookstore is a great way to incorporate Tulsa’s history in a unique and fun way.

Magic City Books Tulsa Oklahoma

Magic City Books is our hometown bookstore.

Let me rephrase that. It isn’t our hometown bookstore because we don’t live in Tulsa, but it is the closest independent bookstore to where we live. So even though Magic City books is almost an hour from where we live, we claim Magic City Books as our local bookstore.

Magic City Books Tulsa

Magic City Books is a fun bookstore to visit. The selection of books is great. They have a wide range of books, especially fiction.

My husband and I love to go there for an afternoon book date, and my daughters and I love to visit it for a fun outing together.

Magic City Books book

We also find unique books that we have never heard about. Like this one. I knew nothing about this book until I saw it at Magic City Books. Now I want to read it!

We always leave with several books and have several more on our wishlist.

That is what I love about independent bookstores. You get to look at the books. You get to read the back covers. You get to talk to booksellers and other readers about why you might like or now like a book.

You can’t get that service from a big online bookseller.

Magic City Books Author Events

What I think I love the most about Magic City Books are the author events. Tulsa is not a huge city and Magic City Books is not a huge independent bookstore, but they put on author events that are amazing.

My daughter and husband went to an event with Adam Makos, the author of Devotion, Spearhead, and A Higher Call. They loved the event and even got to talk to Adam Makos for a little bit.

My daughter and I went to an author event at Magic City Books for Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy when one of her books came out. Recently we attended an online event with the author of Boys In the Boat for his new book Facing the Mountain.

I have talked to other people from the Tulsa area and they agree that Magic City Books have great author events for a city our size.

Magic City Books Bookstores

If you visit the Tulsa area be sure to stop by Magic City Books! And if you are from Oklahoma and have never been to Magic City Books, be sure to stop by or attend one of their author events.

Note: This post is not sponsored. We are just sharing about a bookstore that we love. 

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