500 Book Reviews

500 Fiction and Nonfiction Book Reviews

We now have five hundred book reviews on our site!

One of our goals for 2019 was to hit five hundred book reviews here on From Our Bookshelf. Monday night, December 30th, we finally completed that goal when we shared the book review of The Cover Up at Omaha Beach

That is a lot of reading over the last few years. 

What Grace Is Reading

The majority of reviews are done by Grace and I, but we occasionally share a book review or book list that my husband or other kids have read. All the books we share here on our site have been ones we have wanted to share our thoughts on to help you find good reads or know when to avoid a book. 

We want to help you find great books so we share the books we can honestly review and talk about. 

What I'm Reading

We share both the books we love and the books that were not for us. 

This is so that you as a reader can find a great read. Or maybe avoid a read that would not have been for you. Because who has time for a bad read when there are so many great books out there. 

Over the last few years we have shared all kinds of nonfiction and fiction books. We have shared nonfiction history, biographies and memoirs, fiction, both Christian fiction and nonfiction, kids books, books for every state challenge, and more. 

You can find our complete list of book reviews by clicking on the links below. 

All 500 Book Reviews (listed in alphabetical order)

All 500 Book Reviews (listed in order according to date we reviewed them)

We cannot wait to share more book reviews with you in 2020 and beyond!

500 Book Reviews

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