All Creatures Great and Small ( Backlist Book Picks )

All Creatures Big and Small

This week’s backlist book pick is the book All Creatures Great and Small. It is a book all about animals. It is also the first book in a series, so if you love the first book there are more to enjoy. 

James Herriot’s book All Creatures Great and Small was first published almost fifty years ago. Herriot’s tale, which he weaves in All Creatures Great and Small, has entertained readers for years.

James Herriot was a veterinarian in Yorkshire, England for over half a century. All Creatures Great and Small is the first book in a series of memoirs that he wrote about his life as a vet. 

He takes you on his adventures through the countryside of England treating all kinds of animals. He shares stories about the animals, both big and small, and the people that own them. 

All Creatures Big and Small Book

In All Creatures Great and Small the author is just starting his life as a veterinarian and he quickly realizes that real life is very different from veterinarian school. 

The author shares his story in an entertaining and funny way. There were several points in the book that I couldn’t stop laughing. Animals have a mind of their own and you never know what will happen when you deal with them.

James Herriot makes you feel like you are right there treating the pig, cow, or dog right along with him. 

James Herriot Books

You will fall in love with the animals and their owners as James Herriot travels the countryside treating the animals under his care. 

Herriot’s books are great for teens and adults. They are for animal lovers, for anyone that loves a good memoir, or anyone who loves a book that makes you laugh.

James Herriot Books in Order

All Creatures Great and Small – Book 1

All Things Bright and Beautiful – Book 2

All Things Wise and Wonderful – Book 3

The Lord God Made Them All – Book 4

Every Living Thing – Book 5

Have you read any of James Herriot’s books? 

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  1. I love this book and have read it a few times over the years. I’ve never read the other 4 so I’m glad to have some suggestions for new reads.

    • You know it is a good book when you have read it multiple times! I love hearing that about a book. My daughter really enjoys the whole series. The first is probably her favorite, but she enjoyed being able to read his story later in his career in the rest of the series. I hope that you enjoy them too!


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