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Dorothy and Jack

Author: Gina Dalfonzo
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Publisher Summary:

What happens when we push past the surface and allow real, grounded, mutually challenging, and edifying friendships to develop? We need only look at the little-known friendship between eminent Christian thinkers Dorothy L. Sayers and C. S. Lewis to find out. Born out of a fan letter that celebrated mystery novelist Sayers wrote to Lewis as his star was just beginning to rise, this friendship between a married woman and a longtime bachelor developed over years of correspondence as the two discovered their mutual admiration of each other’s writing, thinking, and faith.

In a time when many Christians now aren’t even sure that a man and a woman can be “just friends” and remain faithful, Gina Dalfonzo’s engaging treatment of the relationship between two of Christianity’s most important modern thinkers and writers will resonate deeply with anyone who longs for authentic, soul-stirring friendships that challenge them to grow intellectually and spiritually. Fans of Lewis and Sayers will find here a fascinating addition to their collections.

Grace's Review

Dorothy and Jack book

A friend gave me Dorothy and Jack by Gina Dalfonzo to borrow because she thought I would love it.

I did. My friend knew exactly what I liked. It was well written and gave a great insight into C.S. Lewis and Dorothy Sayers friendship. They were not lovers and did not spend a lot of time in person together. But they wrote a lot. They helped each other write. They discussed theology. They discussed modern topics. Had similar friends. Their friendship is great to read on.

This book made me want to read their actual letters if I can find a copy of them.

Of course, this book may not be for everyone. It does talk some about their thoughts on feminism and religion. But for me, I think it is interesting to see their views even if I do not agree. I especially liked how they brought up the Four Loves, which I did mention I felt was sexist in many areas. That was actually why the friend recommended this book as we were discussing C.S. Lewis thoughts on the friendship between women and men.

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