Cannon Beach Book Company

If you ever visit Cannon Beach, Oregon, Cannon Beach Book Company is a must visit!

We are continuing to share our love of independent bookstores. This time we are sharing our love of Cannon Beach Book Company in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Cannon Beach Book Company

I grew up about an hour from Cannon Beach, Oregon. My parents still live in the middle of nowhere, logging town that I grew up in. That means when we visit my parents, we visit Cannon Beach, and when we visit Cannon Beach, we always try to visit Cannon Beach Book Company.

I just got back from spending almost two weeks with my family, and I was so glad that we had plenty of time to make a trip to the beach. I love the beaches in Oregon. They are one of my favorite places to go on vacation.

This year we drove to Oregon. Yes, we drove from eastern Oklahoma to the far northwest corner of Oregon. It is a twenty-nine hour drive. Yes, we are crazy, but driving does mean that we have plenty of room to bring back books!

Cannon Beach Book Company

A couple of years ago when my husband and I spent a few days at Cannon Beach, I got the book Deep River at Cannon Beach Book Company. There were a few things that I didn’t like about Deep River, but what I loved about the book was how the author wrote about Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

Cannon Beach Book Company Books

I grew up not far from where the book Deep River is set. The author has lived in the same area and his descriptions of NW Oregon and SW Washington are so accurate. He describes the area and the history of the logging industry so well.

Cannon Beach Book Company Bookshelves

One of my goals when going back to Cannon Beach Book Company this year was to find another book or two set in that part of Oregon or at least in the pacific northwest.

The great thing about independent bookstores is that they almost always know the authors from the area and the books set in the state or town that they are located in. The store was not very busy when we visited, so I mentioned how much I loved Deep River and asked if they had any other books set in the area to recommend.

Cannon Beach Book Company Book

The lady working the store that day gave me some great recommendations of books about or set in the Pacific Northwest. I wanted to buy them all, but I ended up choosing these two books to buy and bring back home. I guess the others will have to wait until next year when I visit again.

The selection at Cannon Beach Book Company is great for a small Independent Bookstore. The nonfiction and fiction section includes a lot of great books. The new release section is always well stocked.

Cannon Beach Book Company Kids Section

They also have a nice have an amazing children’s book selection. The weather at the beach in Oregon is not always great, so taking your kids to the bookstore would be the perfect way to spend some time. Then they will have something to keep them busy when the weather is cool and rainy like it often is in Oregon.

Cannon Beach Book Company Kids Books

This year my daughter and son didn’t buy any books, but they did find some really neat notebooks. My son got a couple of really small pocket sized notebooks and my daughter found a few really pretty notebooks to use for her writing projects.

I am always too busy looking at the books to notice the notebooks, but next time I am going to have to pay more attention to them.

Cannon Beach Book Company Books Bought

If you visit Cannon Beach and love bookstores, be sure to stop by Cannon Beach Book Company. They have a great selection, and the staff is so great about helping you find your next read.

And this is not a sponsored post. Cannon Beach Book Company has no idea who I am or that I share my love of books online. Posts like this are my way of sharing my love of independent bookstores with you.

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