Charles Lenox Mystery Series by Charles Finch

Set in Victorian England, The Charles Lenox Mystery Series by Charles Finch shares the adventures of an English Gentleman, who loves a good mystery.

Charles Lenox Mystery Series

The Charles Lenox books take place in England in the 1800s. They are a good mix of historical fiction and murder mystery.

This series is not really considered a cozy mystery series, but I think it fits that category because they are not overly graphic or gory. There are murders in the books, with some basic details, but nothing overly graphic.

They take place in England, which always makes it more of a cozy mystery to me.

To me, a cozy mystery is a comfort read. A cozy mystery isn’t a book that keeps you up at night. It is a book that you read when you want to relax and lose yourself in a book.

Charles Lenox Mystery Series by Charles Finch

I also like mystery books that are not overly sexual. In this series, there is actually very little romance. There are couples, married and single, but again nothing too graphic or with too much detail. The author keeps it pretty clean, which is getting rare in modern nonfiction and modern mystery books.

These are books I can easily let my kids read. My son read quite a few of the books in this series when he was in his mid-teens and really enjoyed them. Because they are clean books, with interesting characters and plots, I think they make a great mystery series for teens.

My oldest daughter has also read the first few books in the series. She liked them because the mystery was more complex than many mystery books.

If you enjoy a good historical fiction book with some decent mystery mixed in, I think you will enjoy these books

Charles Lenox Mystery Books

The Charles Lenox Books by Charles Finch (In Order)

  1. A Beautiful Blue Death
  2. The September Society
  3. The Fleet Street Murders
  4. A Stranger in Mayfair
  5. A Burial at Sea
  6. A Death in the Small Hours
  7. An Old Betrayal
  8. The Laws of Murder
  9. Home By Nightfall
  10. The Inheritance
  11. The Woman In the Water
  12. The Vanishing Man
  13. The Last Passenger
  14. An Extravagant Death

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