Five Great Nonficiton Summer Reads

Nonfiction Summer Reads

As summer is approaching, I feel like it is time to get a list together of books that make great summer reads. Of course, I am a big nonfiction reader and that is why this is a list nonfiction books that I feel make interesting and enjoyable summer reads.

Rise of the Rocket Girls: If you have read or watched Hidden Figures, I highly recommend this book. It so fascinating to read and learn about different parts of the science behind sending mankind to space. This book is also very well written, which makes it more easy to get through than some factual nonfiction history books.

Just Open the Door: This book is a great read about how hospitality can change a life. Small acts of kindness often make a huge difference. This is a great inspiration to entertain more and summer is perfect for entertaining!

50 Children: This is one of the little unknown stories of pre-World War II. I enjoyed it because it is an encouraging story and very interesting at the same. It is also amazing what a couple did to help save Jewish children from the grasp of Hitler. This one of those stories that may embolden you to do more and will probably make you cry.

The Blindside: Not only is this a fascinating history of football, but it is also an amazing story of a family and an African American boy. I love this story because of how amazing it is. It is so encouraging and a good reminder that there are still so many people who are struggling in America today. I also liked being able to read about Michael over coming all the difficulties that he was faced with.

Boys in the Boat: If you have not read this book, it is so worth reading. It is another well written history book, that has fascinating people in it. This is such an easy book to get lost in and it is always on my recommend list for nonfiction lovers.

What nonfiction books do you hope to read this summer? 


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