My Top Ten Books of 2017 {Grace}

Favorite Books 2017 G

I had a really good reading year in 2017. I read 102 books. Some of them I did not do book reviews on because I did not really like them. There so many others that I could not put down though.

I enjoyed a lot of fiction reads, but I tended to enjoy my nonfiction reads more. I liked so many of the books I read that it made it hard for me to narrow the number down to ten. These are the ones that I finally decided on though.

  1. In the Heart of the Sea – This has made my top books ever. I enjoyed reading it so much and I found the whole story to be very fascinating. I love reading about different things in history and whaling was something I had read very little about. It is also very well written which means it was so easy to keep reading.
  2. I Could Never Be so Lucky Again – I really wanted this book and I was so excited when my mom bought it for me. I enjoyed this story so much. It was so well written that it made a great read that I couldn’t out down. I enjoyed reading this story from Doolittle’s view since I have read other things about his life.
  3. The Lone Star Ranger – This was my favorite fiction book that I read this year. I could not put this western down. I liked the plot and the characters, but the main reason I liked it so much was because the plot was not predictable, but lead me on a twisty trail.
  4. Helmets and Lipstick – A fascinating memoir of a nurse. I have read very little about the African campaign during World War II which made this story more interesting. I liked the first person perspective from the nurse who was saving lives during war time.
  5. Never Call Me a Hero – And yet again this was another well written story. I felt that it had was personally and that I was able to connect with it. I felt that this gave me a good view of what this man went through during World War II.
  6. Education of a Wandering Man – I really enjoy reading Louis L’amour, so I found his memoir very fascinating. I thought it was interesting to see how L’amour found some of his ideas for his stories which he would write. I thought that he also gave good advice through out his story.
  7. Helmet for My Pillow – This book was from a marines view of fighting in the Pacific. I thought it was a well done memoir that made me see yet another perspective on World War II.
  8. Magnolia Story – I enjoy occasionally watching the show Fixer Upper, so I really liked reading about the backstory to the show. I thought that this couple had a fascinating story that was worth reading. They also included lots of funny stories that I really liked.
  9. Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends – I have read Band of Brothers which led me to be interesting in the personal stories of the men. This book is about two of these men’s lives which I liked. I enjoyed reading about these two men’s perspectives of the war and how they stayed friends after the war.
  10. On Hitler’s Mountain – I finally picked this to be on my favorite reads list because it was such a unique story. I felt that this story gave a different perspective on World War II and that it was very personal too because the author was telling the reader about her childhood. I thought this story was written very well and thus I was able enjoy it while learning.

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