Twelve Great Nonfiction Audiobooks

Do you love nonfiction? We love nonfiction too that is why we are sharing a list of Great Nonfiction Audiobooks.

Nonfiction Audiobooks

It is no secret that we love nonfiction books. But we don’t want just any nonfiction book. We want nonfiction books that are well written and interesting.

One of the ways we find these great nonfiction books is through audiobooks

There are so many opinions on audiobooks. Some love to listen to both fiction and nonfiction on audio. Some only listen to fiction books and others will only listen to nonfiction. 

For our family, we love listening to nonfiction on audio. In fact, I am one of those people that prefer my fiction in book form, not audio. 

Audio Books We Love

My husband also loves nonfiction audiobooks. He listens to them in the car and while he exercises. My oldest daughter also loves to listen to audiobooks while traveling to and from college or work. 

Our audible account gets a lot of use. We share an account, which family members that all live in the same house can do, and it easily pays for itself each month. 

One of my tips when picking audiobooks is to listen to the sample. If you are going to tackle hours of a book on audio, you want to enjoy the voice. Most narrators are great, but some aren’t.

We have skipped audiobooks or not finished them simply because the voice was hard to listen to. So listen to the sample before you pick an audio book. 

Here are twelve though that we found to be both interesting books and well done on audio. 

Great Nonfiction Audiobooks

Washington: A Life 

Upstairs At the White House 

The Operator

The Operator

I'd Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel

I’d Rather Be Reading

In the Presidents Secret Service

In the President’s Secret Service

Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines

Capital Gaines

Rocket Men

Rocket Men

West with the Night

West With the Night

The Professor and the Madman

The Professor and the Madman

American Pharaoh: The Untold Story of the Triple Crown Winner's Legendary Rise by Joe Drape

American Pharaoh

In the Heart of the Sea

In the Heart of the Sea

The Boys in the Boat

The Boys In the Boat

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