Chronological Bible ( Sunday Reading )

Chronological Bible

Today for Sunday Reading I am changing it up a little bit and am featuring a Bible instead of a book. 

Yes, I know the Bible is a book, but it is not the normal type of book that we feature. The Bible version we are featuring today is actually not your normal type of Bible. 

Just like we love reading books at our house, we also love reading the Bible. We have quite a few different versions and types of Bibles at our house. I thought it might be interesting if we occasionally feature some of them. 

I am starting with the Bible that I am currently reading for my daily devotions. It is a Chronological Study Bible, and I love it! 

I heard about the Chronological Bible reading plan years ago. I have known several people that read through the Bible that way, but it wasn’t until I found the Chronological Bible that I decided read  the Bible through chronologically. 

Chronological Bible Review

I want to first say that I don’t read through the Bible in a year. I know a lot of people do that. And I know a lot of people that think it is important to read through your Bible every year. I am not one of those people. 

Don’t misunderstand me though. I am not saying that you shouldn’t read your Bible. Reading your Bible is important. But I think too many people focus on reading it in one year. I have read through the Bible several times, but I have never accomplished it in one year. It usually take me two to three years. 

When I focus on reading a certain amount, I tend to focus on the amount and not on what I am reading.

For my daily Bible reading, I tend to read just one or two chapters at a time. I really don’t focus on the number of chapters. I like to focus on what I am reading in those chapters. 

Chronological Bible

Last year, I decided to read through the Bible using the Chronological Study Bible. I choose this Chronological Bible because I liked the how it was set up.

I also like the fact that it wasn’t a one year Bible like many of the Chronological Bibles. It was just the Bible in Chronological order. 

Chronological Bible

Here is what I love about this Bible.  

I love reading about a specific event and then reading the Psalm or Proverbs that follows it. 

You read about David escaping Jerusalem and then you can instantly read the Psalm he wrote during that time. You don’t have to search to find it. It is right there in chronological order.

You can read about Solomon and then read the Proverbs he wrote during that time. 

History makes more sense in order. When you read it in the order it happened, it is easier to remember who is who and when they lived. 

I love the notes about other historical events at that time. I also enjoy the notes on certain customs and explanations of certain words. 

There is some debate on the order the books of the Bible where written or when they happened. When I showed this Bible to a family member, they instantly disagreed with a couple of spots on the timeline.

That doesn’t bother me. I know that there is debate on that, and no one plan will be perfect. 

Chronological Bible

The Chronological Study Bible is not a Bible that you would carry to church or use for everything. But it does make a great daily reading Bible if you are wanting to change up your current Bible reading. 

It is also a great Bible to read if you want to learn more about the Bible and how it relates to history. 

Have you ever read the Bible Chronologically? 

4 thoughts on “Chronological Bible ( Sunday Reading )”

  1. I’ve read it chronologically once, taking two years to read a one year plan. It was an amazing way to read scripture and really helped me understand the history of the Israelites and see it as a whole storyline. Like you mentioned, reading the Psalms and Proverbs along with the stories of David and Solomon was wonderful and gave them more meaning. The other aspect I really enjoyed was reading the Gospels together. Reading one parable or story written by different authors to different audiences was really interesting and gave me a more complete picture of the life of Jesus.

    After finishing the reading plan (I’d found it as a printable on a Bible website), I bought a chronological Bible so that I can go through it again and have the additions of the side bars about history and cultural notes.

    Thanks for your Sunday Reading posts. I’ve really been enjoying them. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. I’ve read through the Bible chronologically twice now and I really enjoy. It’s not what I always want to do, but it’s so interesting realizing what things were happening at the same time.

    Grace H

    • I agree I wouldn’t want to read it chronologically all the time, but occasionally I will because it is interesting to read what was happening at the same time.


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