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Did you know that all the books that we share are books that we have read over the last few years? 

We want to help you find great books, so we only share books that we have read and can give a review of. Yes, Grace and I have read, or someone else in our family has read, every book that we share. 

We also want to give honest reviews of the books we have read. You will see books we loved, books we liked, and books that just weren’t for us. 

We currently have over four hundred and thirty book reviews here on From Our Bookshelf. Our goal is to hit five hundred book reviews by the end of the year. You can find our full list of book reviews here .

Here are our latest book reviews. 

Murder In Georgetown by Margaret Truman

Murder In Georgetown

I had no idea until recently that Margret Truman, daughter of President Harry Truman, had authored quite a few well known books, including a series of mystery stories. When I discovered she had written some bestsellers, I knew I wanted to read one. Click here for my full review

Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry

Hannah Coulter

Hannah Coutler by Wendell Berry is one of the best books I have read so far this year. It will definitely be one of my favorite fiction books for the year. I started reading one of Wendell Berry’s nonfiction books and had trouble getting into it. Multiple readers told me to try reading his fiction and suggested Hannah Coulter. After reading only a few chapters, I realized why so many people love Wendell Berry. Click here for my full review

Diamonds are for Never


Diamonds Are For Never- Crime Travelers Spy School Mystery Series Book 2

Diamonds are for Never is a fun preteen, pretty clean teen story that I found to be a little stupid and predictable, but also fun to read as it brings alive an adventure of a group of young adults with messed up lives. You can read Grace’s full review here. 



I found Pappy Gunn’s story to be different than a normal soldiers view of the war as Pappy Gunn worked behind the scenes. The story in Indestructible also sets up with some of his past in a well written way that it made me glad and supportive of what Gunn was doing. Bruning also follows Gunn’s family, who I was attached so especially since both were thinking of the other.

Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers

A friend told me that Starship Troopers was one of his favorite science fiction books, and now I think it might be mine. It does have a bit of a slow start. It begins with almost current time or flash forward and then goes back to earlier in the narrators life. But once the narrator get into the military, I could not put it down. For Grace’s full review and more information click here. 

Jungle Pilot

Jungle Pilot The Story of Nate Saint, Martyred Missionary to Ecuador

Jungle Pilot is the story of Nate Saint the pilot who died in the jungle with Jim Elliot when they were trying to preach the gospel to the Auca tribe. I think that this is a great story that should be read. It is about sacrifice and also love for the Savior. It is great to read another side and also have his son help write it. For the full review click here

News of the World

News of the World

News of the World by Paulette Jiles is not the typical type of book that I pick up. It is a post Civil War Western set in Texas. Grace is a fan of Western books and has read a lot of them. I have only read a few. I have heard great things about News of the World, so I decided to give it a try. I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed it. Click here for more information and my full review. 



Ramrod was the first book by Luke Short that I have read. I liked it. He is not quite Louis L’amour, but he has a similar style. If you like western type books you will probably like this one. Click here for more information and Grace’s full review. 

Stars in Their Courses

Stars in Their Courses

I read Stars in Their Course as a friend gave it too me, and I was about to visit Gettysburg. It really gives a great overview of the battle. I would say there are way more in depth books, but this book gives a short but pretty thorough overview of the battle. Click here for more information and Grace’s full review. 

I'd Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel

I’d Rather Be Reading

If you love reading and books, you will be able to relate to I’d Rather Be Reading. In fact, you will probably find yourself thinking over and over again that she is describing you. This is a book about reading for people who love to read. Click here for my full review

Lizzy and Jane

Lizzy and Jane

I loved Dear Mr. Knightly, so when I saw Lizzy and Jane on sale I knew I had to read it. Lizzy and Jane wasn’t my favorite book by Katherine Reay, but it was a good read.

You Learn By Living Book

You Learn By Living

You Learn By Living by Eleanor Roosevelt was originally published in 1960, but I was amazed at how easily it could have been written today. The title, You Learn By Living, says exactly what this book is about. Eleanor Roosevelt shares her the lessons she has learned through living her life. This book is part memoir and part lessons on living life. Click here for my full review and more information

The Real X-Men Book

The Real X-Men

I had never heard of mini submarines until I picked up The Real X-Men at a used bookstore. I had no idea that these small machines were used in World War II by Great Britain. I think if you love weird history this is right up your alley. Click here for Grace’s full review

2010: Odyssey Two

2010: Odyssey Two

I was disappointed in 2010: Odyssey two. I guess that came from me loving 2001: A Space Odyssey so much. I just felt that there were lots of elements from the original book that it departed from. Click here to see more of Grace’s thoughts on why she did and didn’t like this one. 

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