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Books about US Presidents

It is Presidents Day!! 

We love biographies. A few years ago Grace challenged herself to read a book about every U.S. President. She has a ways to go on her challenge, but she has read quite a few so far. 

We put together a list of her favorite Presidential biographies. You might not agree with the politics of every president, but there is always something to learn about things like leadership, hardship, war, community, and family. 

Becoming a President takes hard work, determination, education, and the ability to connect in some way with the American people. No matter your view on politics, there is something to be learned about the journey each U.S. President takes to the White House. 

We are sharing a few of our favorites. We would love to hear yours. Leave a comment letting us know your favorite book about a U.S. President or U.S. Presidents. 

John Adams

John Adams by David McCullough

William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison by Gail Collins

George Washington’s Secret Six by Brian Kilmeade

George and Barbara Bush A Great American Love Story

George and Barbara Bush by Ellie LeBlond Sosa

Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power by John Meacham

Eisenhower In War and Peace by Jean Edward Smith

American Lion

American Lion by John Meacham

Riding with Reagan by John R. Barletta

Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates

Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates


Coolidge by Amity Shlaes

41 Portrait of My Father

41: A Portrait of my Father by George W. Bush

The Man Who Save the Union Ulysses Grant by H.W. Brands

Decision Points

Decision Points by George W. Bush



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