What I Read in June {Grace}

Teen Reads June

I read a total of ten books this month! I read some fun books and some serious and most of them I liked. I added three WWII books to my have read pile and am excited to share them with you. One or two of them may make my top list of 2017. I also branched out and read a teen sci-fi book which I ended up really liking.

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey/the Prisoner’s Dilemma: I read both the second and the third book in the Mysterious Benedict Society series. These are both decent kids books that I found somewhat entertaining. There were definitely certain elements that I didn’t like, but overall I can see why kids like this series.

Helmet for My Pillow: I liked reading this Marines memoir. It was very interesting and gave me yet another view on World War II. I liked all the personal stories that author made sure to add and I was able to understand, so much more about what goes on  in a person’s mind when they are under stressful situations such as war.

50 Children: This is a cool story that I had never heard anything about. It is about an American Jewish couple who helped rescue 50 Jewish children from Germany. I enjoyed all the different elements about this rescue mission that had so many different people and things involved to make it happen.

Hope Heals: A friend gave this book to me with high recommendations. It was a very good book with an encouraging story of faith and determination. The Wolf family did a good job of leaning on God during troubles and tell their story in an amazing way in this book.

On Hitler’s Mountain: I picked up this book because it is written by a German who grew up in Hitler’s Germany. I found her view very interesting and worth reading. It made me think about all the German citizens who hated or liked Hitler and what they went through during World War II.

American Hunter: I love to hunt and I love history and this taught me about some of both. I enjoyed learning about people in American history who also had a passion for hunting different types of creatures. I also found it interesting about different prominent animals in America and how they were killed and almost exterminated from America.

The Reptile Room: I personally do not like this series, but this book was definitely better than the first. If a kid likes creepier or mysterious books, this is probably for him. I do not like the creepiness in this book and the writing style which is from a narrator’s view, is a bit annoying to me.

Never Call Me a Hero: I enjoyed this book so much. It was a great story about an amazing man who did a lot to help fight the Japanese. I enjoyed his personalized story that kept me reading and enjoying it. He talks about many who died given their life for this country and how he made it through the war.

The Maze Runner: I usually do not enjoy science fiction too much, but I think I needed a fun relaxing book that I could be captivated on and this was definitely the one. I still can’t believe how much I liked it. The plot kept me reading and wanting to understand what the characters were going through. The thing I did not like was the slang and language that was in the book. I wish that the author could have left most of it out. This is a book definitely more for teens and adults who love science fiction or adventure books.

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