Grace’s Top Ten Books of 2020

A few weeks ago Grace shared a list of twenty books that she read in 2020. That list shared the wide range of books she read for both fun and college in 2020.

Today though she is sharing her favorite books from 2020. These are the books that she loved. The books that taught her something. And the books she keeps thinking about.

Dorothy and Jack Book

It is the second week of 2020 and I am just now sharing my favorite books of 2020. The main reason for that is I never share my favorite books of the year until the year is over.

I usually read a lot over the holidays, and I often find some of my favorite books during those weeks. If I shared my list before the year was over, I might miss out on sharing a book that I loved.

I also put a lot of thought into my list. It isn’t something that I just throw together. It takes me time to decide what books from the year that I really did love.

When I first started thinking about my reading in 2020, I thought that this was a lamer year for me. I had trouble thinking of good books that I read. However, when I looked at my list, I realized I did have quite a few books that I loved.

I just forget because it was a hectic year.

It felt like I read a few of these books a year or two ago, not in 2020. That is why I keep track of what I read. I like to know exactly when I read a book.

Here are my top ten books of 2020, and they are not in any particular order.

Spain In Our Hearts book review

Spain In Our Hearts

Spain in Our Hearts was a wonderful read. I loved the writing. It pulled me into the history of the Spanish War and made me want to read more on the Spanish Civil War and the book For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Blood and Ivy book review

Blood and Ivy

Blood and Ivy was a book I wanted since it came out. I got it for Christmas, and it was a great true crime book and held up to my expectations.

Dot.Con by James Veitch book review


Dot.Con was the comedy I needed this year. You may need it this year. However, you could get some of the stories via Youtube, but the book has extra stories and more to some stories, so I thought it was worth my time. Veitch has a comedy style that I enjoy.

Operation Columba The Secret Pigeon Service Book Review

Operation Columba

Secret Pigeon Service was such a great animal war story, or bird I guess. It gave a peek into such a fascinating concept of racing pigeons and then using them in war. It also shows people’s sacrifice and how this was such a great program that had lots of trouble during the war but still did a lot of good.

Letters and Papers From Prison

Letters and Papers from Prison

I read several books by Bonhoeffer in 2020, but Letters and Papers from Prison by Bonhoeffer was the book of Bonhoeffer’s that made my favorites list. This gives a unique insight into him and that time period. I also read Life Together, which was a worthy read.

The Great Pearl Heist book review

The Great Pearl Heist

The Great Pearl Heist proved that real life can be crazier than fiction. They should probably make a movie on this because it was such a neat true crime story.

From the Deep Woods to Civilization

From Deep Woods to Civilization

From the Deep Woods to Civilization by Eastman was a great read because it shows the trials of a Native American person in the late 1800s, and what he was able to accomplish. It is not super long, but a worthy read.

Dorothy and Jack book

Dorothy and Jack

Dorothy and Jack was a wonderful read because it showed a light into both Dorothy Sayers and C.S. Lewis and their relationship as friends. They have such a fascinating story and so many insights into the time they live as it shows both their beliefs like feminism, which was fascinating as I have commented on it when I wrote my review on the Four Loves.

Horses Don't Fly book review

Horse’s Don’t Fly

Horse’s Don’t Fly was not my favorite memoir because it could have been written better; however, it was so fascinating. There are not many memoirs of WWI or of a pilot of WWI. The part I enjoyed was the voice. Libby has such an attitude that gives insight to his time period in a funny and fascinating way.

To Win Her Heart Book Review

To Win Her Heart

To Win Her Heart made the list not because it was better than other romance books but because I read it at the right time. I need a relaxing book, and this did it. So it made the list because it helped me more than other books I read that may have been better written.

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