What I Read in December {Grace}

I had a pretty good month of reading in December. I read a lot of fun books maybe that is because I was on Christmas break. I enjoyed spending extra time reading this month and I will definitely be missing my spare time when school starts again. Here are the books that I read in December.

The Girls of Atomic City: I thought this book was very well written and made me learn more about the woman who helped build the atomic bomb. This is a very interesting book to understand part of the true mystery behind the bomb.

Sisters First: This was a great story that was an easier read. I liked reading another view of presidency this time through the eyes of granddaughters and daughters. I think this story is worth reading and is very interesting.

The Matthews Men: I find odd history facts fascinating, so I really enjoyed reading about the merchant marines which I didn’t really know anything about. This was a history read that I really liked, but it was a slower book with a lot of facts and stories. I tended to mix up some of the people in the book as I was reading it, but I really liked it overall.

I Survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor: This was a fun kids historical fiction book that had a different view on the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I think this is a good book for kids especially if their interested in history.

Between Heaven and the Real World: I felt that this book is an encouraging book for those who are need of one. I think that Steven Curtis Chapman’s story is interesting and he does a good job of telling the reader how God touched his life. I really liked this book and I had a hard time putting it down once I started it.

Buffalo Gal, Clueless Cowboy, and The Bossy Bridegroom: This was a silly romance series that I felt were very good for my mind who was not wanting to concentrate.

The Long Walk: This was a very well written story of a Polish man who escaped a Russian work camp. I have read some about the communist imprisonments, but this was a unique story that I liked. It is sad, but it connected with me and I felt sorry for many of the people in the story.

The Darjeeling Disaster: This is a very sad story about some missionary children. I do not agree with everything in this book, but it is an emotional, short read that has a unique story.

A Spy Among Friends: I knew very little about the British spy system before reading this book, but know I am more educated. This books main focus was not on the British intelligence system, but it was a main part of the book. I had heard nothing about this story of a spy for the communist and I felt that it was a story worth knowing.

Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans: I liked Kilmeade’s other books and this one was very interesting. I didn’t like it quiet as much as his other books maybe because I already knew quiet a bit about this part of history.

Too Far Down: I hate to say this, but I finished off 2017 by reading a mindless romance book. It was good, but not too riveting. I think that I might be enjoying my mindless reads a little to much.


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