Book Reviews Spring 2023

This is titled book reviews spring 2023, but it is really the new book reviews that we have shared over the last four months.

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Over the last four months, we have shared thirty-seven book reviews. We read a wide range of books so the reviews include fiction and nonfiction books. It is also a good mix of recent releases and backlist books.

If you click on the title of each book it will take you to the full review. In our reviews, we share a little bit about the book along with our thoughts about the book and what we liked and didn’t like.

March 2023 books that I read

Fiction Book Reviews

The Wedding Dress book review

The Wedding Dress. Historical Fiction. Published in 2012.

Vera Wong's Unsolicited Advice for Murderers book review

Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers. Mystery. Published in 2023.

Coronation Year by Jennifer Robson book review

Coronation Year. Historical Fiction. Published 2023.

Luck of the Titanic book review

Luck of the Titanic. YA Historical Fiction. Published in 2021.

The Personal Librarian book review

The Personal Librarian. Historical Fiction. Published in 2021.

New Girl In Little Cove Book review

New Girl In Little Cove. Fiction. Published in 2021.

The Woman with the Cure

The Woman With a Cure. Historical Fiction. Published in 2023.

Out of the Ruins book review

Out of the Ruins. Historical Fiction. Published in 2014.

The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love

The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love. Fiction. Published in 2000.

The Last Rose of Shanghai book review

The Last Rose of Shanghai. Historical Fiction. Published in 2021.

The Mountains Sing Book cover

The Mountains Sing. Historical Fiction. Published in 2020.

When We Had Wings

When We Had Wings. Historical Fiction. Published in 2022.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd book

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Mystery. Published in 1026.

Yellow Wife Book

Yellow Wife. Historical Fiction. Published in 2021.

The Baker's Daughter

The Baker’s Daughter. Fiction. Published in 1938.

The Vicious Vet book review

The Vicious Vet. Mystery. Published in 1993.

The Nature of Fragile Things book review

The Nature of Fragile Things. Historical Fiction. Published in 2021.

The Glass Ocean Book review

The Glass Ocean. Historical Fiction. Published in 2018.

A Gentleman In Moscow book

A Gentleman In Moscow. Historical Fiction. Published in 2016.

Until the Leaves Fall In Paris book review

Until Leaves Fall In Paris. Historical Fiction. Published in 2022.

Shadow's of Swanford Abbey book review

Shadow of Swanford Abbey. Historical Fiction. Published in 2021.

The Sisters of Sea View book review

The Sisters of Sea View. Historical Fiction. Published in 2022.

The Children's Blizzard Book Review

The Children’s Blizzard. Historical Fiction. Published in 2021.

The Librarian Spy by Madeline Martin book review

The Librarian Spy. Historical Fiction. Published in 2022.

The Quiche of Death book review

The Quiche of Death. Mystery. Published in 1992.

Nonfiction Books

One Hundred Saturdays Book Review

One Hundred Saturdays. WWII. Published in 2022.

Fly Girl Book Review

Fly Girl. Memoir. Published in 2022.

The Fishermen and the Dragon book review

The Fishermen and The Dragon. History. Published in 2022.

Dead Wake book

Dead Wake. WWI. Published in 2015.

The Call To Joy In Pain book review

The Call To Joy In Pain. Christian. Published in 2007.

Downton Shabby book

Downton Shabby. Memoir. Published in 2022.

Empire of Ice and Stone book

Empire of Ice and Stone. World, Shipwrecks, Adventure. Published in 2022.

First Friends Book Review

First Friends. Presidential History. Published in 2021.

The Eagles of Heart Mountain book review

The Eagles of Heart Mountain. WWII History. Published in 2022.

Beautiful people don't just happen book review.

Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen. Christian Nonfiction. Published in 2022.

Hope When It Hurts book review

Hope When It Hurts. Christian Nonfiction. Published in 2019.

A Place to Belong Book Review

A Place To Belong. Christian Nonfiction. Published in 2020.

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  1. Hello!
    Have you read any of Melanie Dobson’s novels? I really like her style of writing. She used to work for Focus on the Family and the books I’ve read do have a bit of Christianity but not so much that it would deter anyone of other faiths or no faith. Thanks for listening.

    • I have several of her books, but I have not read them. I did not know that she used to work for Focus On the Family. I will have to move them up the TBR list for this summer. Thank you!


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